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Lady Key Knotty-Curl Defining Custard 8 fl oz

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Formulated to naturally define your curls while reducing frizz and shrinkage, Knotty-Curl is loaded with vitamins, natural humectants, fatty acids and anti-inflammatory properties. With this defining gel, your curls will stay defined for days at a time needing only to be refreshed with moisturizing products. Lightly scented with the sweet and buttery essence of warm vanilla, a hint of spice and toasty brown sugar, Knotty-Curl should be used in combination with a moisturizing spray and moisturizing sealant. How to use: Section your hair well and then working one section at a time, apply an ample amount of the defining gel and finger comb it through until your curls define. Proceed to twist that section. Defining gel can be used on freshly washed hair or dampened hair.


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