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Black Seed Hair Pomade

Mine Botanicals


The anti-inflammatory compounds found in black seed oil are able to eliminate signs of irritation from the scalp, particularly if you have been suffering from dandruff or other unwanted conditions. By delivering nutrients directly to the hair follicles, this hair pomade can stimulate the regrowth of hair, even if you have begun losing your hair, particularly if your follicles have simply shut down for one reason or another. Not only will this pomade regrow hair, but it will also prevent more hair loss. By reducing the brittleness of hair and improving follicle health, your hair will stay where you want to keep it – on your head! Regular use of this pomade can also slow down the graying process, which is an excellent way to stay looking young without hair dyes. Moreover if your hair regularly breaks or if you are dealing with split ends, using this oil 2-3 times a week can show major results in the look and texture of your locks.